My Holiday Essentials

Everyone has their own list of essentials for a trip, so here’s mine! ♥

  • Passport
  • Documents – I’m super organised and I like to print off all of my documents that I’ll need, label them and pop them into a plastic wallet in order so that I can check in as quickly and efficiently as possible. It also means I can relax as I know everything I need is in one place.
  • Phone and Charger
  • Headphones – It’s always great to be able to listen to music, and with most flights offering in-flight entertainment, its always nice to have your own set of headphones instead of the cheap ones provided by the airline.
  • Dry Shampoo – Depending on your type of trip, you may not have access to a shower or sometime you may be short of time to wash an dry your hair. Dry shampoo is a must!
  • Hair bands and hair grips – Bad hair day? Put your hair up – no one will know!
  • Towel – Towels do take up space in your suitcase and I know that most hotels provide towels, but they can come in useful for things like sitting on the grass or beach, or if you’re cold when travelling on public transport, you can use them as a blanket.
  • Bug spray!
  • Camera – Like so many people these days, I tend to use my phone as my main camera, however, I always bring a spare camera in case of an accident. In 2014, during my visit to the USA, my phone would not charge and had I not had a spare camera, I would not have been able to take any photos.
  • Sun Cream! Anyone who voluntarily gets sunburnt in order to ‘get a tan’ is moronic in my opinion. Everyone can tan despite using sun cream and it lasts a lot longer than when you burn and tan too. This is because you haven’t damaged the skin. Sun burn and peeled skin is just the worst. There are plenty of sun creams and oils that contain a tan accelerator that can really help with tanning.
  • Mini First Aid Kit – My partner and I are quite clumsy, especially on holiday, so it’s always worth taking some plasters, antiseptic cream and bite and sting cream, just in case.
  • Trainers – When I go on holiday, I like to explore as much as I can. You need a good pair of shoes for this.
  • Swimwear – Even if you are not planning on going to a beach or to a swimming pool, its always a good idea to have a bikini or swimsuit with you. If you’re touring, backpacking or camping, sometimes the shower blocks are communal and you may want some privacy.
  • Something warm – Even if you’re going to a hot country that rarely rains, its always good to have something warm to put on, especially if you’re visiting multiple destinations on your trip. Most public transportation has air conditioning which can get really cold.

Happy Travels,



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