A Day in San Diego, CA

In June 2017, my boyfriend an I travelled to the USA. We landed in Los Angeles on 1st June and we flew back home on 13th June.  We stayed in Los Angeles for 8 nights and Las Vegas for 4 nights. On Day 6, whilst staying in Los Angeles, we decided to take a day trip to San Diego.

We were travelling on a fairly low budget as it costs so much to get out to the States, so we decided to take the Greyhound Bus down to San Diego from Downtown LA. We took the express bus and the journey took around 2.5 hours. There was free WIFI on the bus so the journey went quite quick. Unfortunately for us, the weather wasn’t great. It was cloudy and cooler in temperature (around 20 degrees C).

We took the Tram (Green line) to San Diego Old Town. It cost around $6 dollars for a day pass and the journey time was around 15-20 minutes each way. San Diego Old Town is a National Park.

The Old Town consists of buildings from the 1800’s and demonstrates how San Diego would have looked in this era. Some of the buildings have been reconstructed over the years but the Park captures the essence of historic San Diego. San Diego was the start of California as we know it today. You can find more information on their website.


In the afternoon we took a long walk along the seafront. We started at the convention building and walked along past the harbour. All the way along the seafront are cute little beach style buildings with various gift shops, cafes and restaurants.

One of San Diego’s coolest features is the USS Midway. USS Midway is a large aircraft carrier which served The United States Navy for 47 years and she was used in the Vietnam War. The aircraft carrier now serves as a museum and has a number of old aircraft on board. The cost for adult entry is $20. Unfortunately, as we did not have enough time to look around the museum properly, we did not board the carrier, but if you have the time, it looks like it would definitely be worth a visit.

We also saw some cool Galley ships:

I really liked San Diego. Being from a sea town, it felt a lot more like home in comparison to the busy world of Los Angeles.

Happy Travels,



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