The City That Never Sleeps – 4 nights in Las Vegas

In June 2017, my boyfriend and I travelled to the USA. We landed in Los Angeles on 1st June and we flew back home on 13th June.  We stayed in Los Angeles for 8 nights and Las Vegas for 4 nights. You can read about our Los Angeles part of the trip here, and our San Diego Day Trip here.

Las Vegas Letters Nr The Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

Day 9

Our trip to Las Vegas didn’t start very well. As we wanted to save some money, we decided to get the Greyhound Bus from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. We got the 12.15 fastest route schedule, which was supposed to take about 5 hours and was due into Las Vegas at about 5.30pm. We thought that this would give us enough time to relax a little, get showered and then go out for dinner and for a few drinks.

The bus we were on broke down three separate times. The first was at a rest stop. It took ten minutes but the bus started working again. The second was on the side of the road, again for about 10 minutes. The third break down was on the side of the road. This time, we were there for about 20 minutes before the bus driver decided to drive in the emergency lane at about 3mph until we reached ‘Valley Wells Reststop’ which was actually closed. Greyhound 1 :0 Jasmine and Joe.

To cut a very, very long story short, we waited for hours. A few people were able to hitch hike. Joe and I tried to hitch hike, in embarrassing style, but nobody had room for 2 people plus luggage.  Eventually cars stopped coming into the closed rest stop. The replacement bus driver missed us the first time and had to turn around. There was then a car crash which blocked the road, delaying the replacement bus even more. Eventually, we were picked up at around 11pm (11 hours after our departure time) and arrived into downtown Las Vegas at about 00:30am. We got into our hotel room in the Excalibur Hotel at 1.30am.

This was the view from out hotel room (Sorry iPhone quality)


Moral of the story… Don’t be cheap. It’s worth paying an extra $50 per person to fly because it saves time and it’s much more reliable.

We weren’t going to let Greyhound ruin our first night in Vegas. We got changed and headed to a Mexican food place in our hotel. We then looked round the hotel and played in the casino until 3.30am.

Day 10

We had a lie in the next morning, understandably. We then headed out onto the strip and tried to explore as many of the hotels and casinos as we could.

We then went back to the hotel and laid by the pool for a few hours. It was really windy, but it was warm and so lovely to just sit and relax as most of our holiday had involved a lot of walking at least 15,000 steps a day. On one of the days we walked a massive 36,000 steps, which is a lot for me as I have an office job where I sit down all day.

In the evening, we went out onto the strip. We had dinner in a place called ‘Giordanos’ which I think may be a food chain. I have never visited Italy or Chicago, which are renowned for their amazing pizza’s so I’m not sure how it compares, but the pizza we had was honestly the best pizza I have ever had. It was a deep-dish pizza, in a pie crust, made with mozzarella, cheddar, sausage, pepperoni and beef, and a bunch of other ingredients. It was just… so …. Effing…. Good! We shared a small pizza which feeds 2-3 people and has 6 slices. It was so filling, we had two slices each and saved the other slices for breakfast! Joe still has dreams of that pizza.



Anyway, enough about the pizza! We also went to watch the famous Bellagio fountains play. The music was a French style song. We were lucky to see the fountains as it had been cancelled earlier in the day, due to the wind. We also discovered ‘Fat Tuesdays’ which is an alcoholic slush vendor. We went into the MGM hotel and ordered a yard cup to share, with Hurricane Cat 5 (strong) Tropical and mixed it with Mango. It was amazing!

Day 11

On our second day, we visited The Titanic Exhibition in the Luxor Hotel, after a family member recommended it. The exhibition is great. You are given a boarding pass with a real passengers name on. You can see real artefacts collected from the Titanic Wreckage. There is even a large part of the ship which was lifted from the seabed. Worth a visit if. We also visited the Bodies Exhibition in the Luxor. We got cheaper tickets if you bought both tickets together, and we also received a discount as we were staying in the Excalibur Hotel, which is part of the MGM group. The Bodies Exhibit isn’t for the faint hearted. You see parts of real bodies, including veins, nerves, hearts, reproductive organs, lungs, and muscles to name a few. It was very interesting to see what we look like.


After the exhibitions, we walked up to the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign. It took around 20 minutes to walk there. It’s an iconic symbol of Las Vegas and it had to be done.



In the evening, we booked a show. There is a discount tickets store that gives you up to half price off show tickets for that evening. We decided to watch Cirque De Soleil’s ‘Mystere’. We managed to get tickets for $69 per person, in the D ranked seats. Much to our delight, when we collected our tickets from the box office, we were upgraded to A ranked seats, 4 rows from the front and slightly to the right of the centre, which meant we could see what was going on behind us as well as on the stage. It was an amazing show and I would highly recommend watching any one of Cirque De Soleil shows!

On our walk back towards our hotel, we saw the Mirage Volcano show, which was great to watch. We also watched the Bellagio fountains again twice as the shows are more frequent at night. The first was to ‘Bruno Mars’ and the second was ‘Singing in the Rain’. We ate in bar, which I cannot remember the name of. There was live music playing whilst we ate. We just had to get another Fat Tuesday, this time we had Electric Lemonade mixed with Blue Raspberry which isn’t as good as the Hurricane/Mango combination, but was still pretty good! We had a fairly early evening… well at least for Vegas anyway, as we had to be up early for our trip to The Grand Canyon.


Day 12

You can read about our trip to The Grand Canyon (South Rim) here (coming soon)

The Grand Canyon

In the evening, we decided to go out onto the strip one last time. Our initial plan was to visit downtown Las Vegas, including Freemont street, but as we missed an evening due to the greyhound Bus, we just couldn’t fit it in.

Day 13

Time to go home!

Our amazing trip finally reached it’s end. We travelled to Las Vegas airport at 8am and got a flight from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, which took about 45 minutes. We then checked into British Airways and Caught out flight home ☹


Thanks for taking the time to read about our trip! If you have any suggestions on where we could go on our next trip, please comment below.

Happy Travels,



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