My favourite place – The Grand Canyon (South Rim)


The Grand Canyon is without a doubt, my favourite place that I have visited. It is beautiful and just takes your breath away. The colours are magnificent, as are the views. We went on a day trip to the Grand Canyon (South Rim) from Las Vegas, using a company called Grayline.

The total journey took around 4 hours, each way. On the way through we stopped at Hoover Damn and at a rest stop, so there is a change to get some snacks en route. We had lunch just outside of the Grand Canyon National Park, which was included in the price of our trip – Pizza Hut much to my delight. My only issue with using Grayline for this trip was that they offered 2 upgrades as well as the basic tour, one which included a helicopter tour and one that included a jeep tour and a movie. We all had to hang around for an hour whilst the people who opted for the movie, watched their movie. Unfortunately, there was strong winds on the day so nobody was allowed to take a helicopter trip 😦

Once in the park, we visited two main viewpoints. The first viewpoint was more scenic, whereas the second viewpoint was close to a few shops and gallery’s.

I read somewhere that only 1% of The Grand Canyon National Park visitors go beneath the surface of the rim. On a previous trip to The Grand Canyon, I camped for 2 days and trekked 4 hours into the canyon and 5 hours back up. As this was Joe’s first time visiting the park, we decided to take a path into the grand canyon and walked in for about 15-20 minutes and then came back up. Joe wanted to be in the 1% 🙂

All in all, we had around 3 hours in the park, which doesn’t sound like a great length of time, but its just enough to get a feel for the park. We were lucky enough to see a Californian Condor and a huge Stag.

As I’ve already mentioned, The Grand Canyon is a beautiful place, and is well worth a visit if you are nearby.

Happy Travels,









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