Another one! My Bucket List

So, what is the point of having a bucket list? For my its about documenting my goals and adding pressure to achieve my dreams. In life, its easy to get distracted and focus on the negatives but by having a bucket list, it helps you feel like you have achieved something and increases life satisfaction. So I guess in a way, having a bucket list helps me find my happiness.

I have already completed a travel bucket list (which you can read here), but I thought, hey, why not create a full bucket list?

Here goes:

  • Win Strut Champ at BBTF
  • Win Twirl Champ at BBTF (Completed 2013)
  • Win Athlete of the Year at BBTF(Completed 2013)
  • Win an Individual Baton Twirling Award in another country
  • Win a Team Baton Twirling Award in another country (Completed 2014 – Twirl Mania, Florida)
  • Complete a 5k race (Completed Cancer Researches ‘Race For Life’ 3 times)
  • Complete a 10k run
  • Complete a Half Marathon
  • Complete a Marathon
  • Have a child/children
  • Get married
  • Learn another language (Spanish or French)
  • Travel by myself (Completed 2014 – Trek America)
  • Try surfing
  • Attend a Music Festival (Completed Glastonbury 2013, Glastonbury 2014 and planning to visit Reading Festival 2017)
  • Skydiving
  • See the Northern Lights
  • Complete my travel bucket list
  • Buy a house (Completed 2016 – Bought a house with my boyfriend Joe)
  • Graduate from University (Completed 2014 – Bsc Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies)
  • Visit a drive in Movie
  • Learn to do Archery
  • Go skiing/snowboarding
  • Learn to sing – Because I’m a terrible singer 😦
  • Learn to play the guitar
  • Learn to play the drums
  • Get a tattoo
  • Be the host of a family Christmas Dinner
  • Swim with sharks (Completed 2014 – Typhoon Lagoon, Florida)
  • Bathe an elephant
  • Go whale watching (Completed 2015 – Tenerife – pilot whales)
  • See a Cirque De Soleil Show (Completed 2017 – Mystere, Las Vegas)

That’ll do for now 🙂 I’ll more than likely be adding to this blog post as an when I think of things. If you can think of anything I should add to thins, please let me know in the comments below!

Happy Travels,



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