New Orleans – Jazz Music and Southern Decadence

10646754_10152672883075309_1519666377335992617_nDuring my Trek America trip, I was lucky enough to experience Southern Decadence on my two day visit to New Orleans in 2014. Southern Decadence is described as an annual six-day event held in New Orleans, Louisiana by the LGBTQ+ community during Labour Day Weekend, which ends with a parade through the French Quarter on the Sunday before Labour Day.

We stayed in the French Quarter in a large house, which was part of a hotel, but housed all 14 of us with its own entrance/front door. It reminded me of some kind of sorority house that you might typically see in American Teen Movies. It was only a short walk from the main high-street/strip and was located on one of the main roads. 

Southern decadence was enlightening. I saw many sights which I certainly can’t go into detail about on here! The atmosphere was amazing and the streets were filled with happy people wearing Mardi Gras beads around their necks, rainbow coloured clothes and fancy dress. My group wore our homemade tie-dye, rainbow T-shirts to show our support 🙂  We went for a meal and then we hit the town! We had lots of drinks and I had one of the best nights I’ve ever had. But if I’m totally honest, its all a bit blurry. 

On our second night, we decided that we wanted to experience New Orleans in a traditional way, and  wanted to get a feel for the real New Orleans – The birthplace of Jazz Music and VooDoo, so some of us booked tickets for a live music session at Preservation Hall.

In short, New Orleans’ Preservation Hall was established in 1961 and honours Traditional New Orleans Jazz Music. Operating as a music venue, a touring band, and a non-profit organization, Preservation Hall continues its mission today as a cornerstone of New Orleans music and culture. It is situated in the heart of the French Quarter and presents intimate, acoustic New Orleans Jazz concerts over 350 nights a year. You can read about the Preservation Hall’s history on their website (

I really enjoyed the show and I would highly recommend it! This was one of my favourite parts of my trip. 

Happy Travels,




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