Dubrovnik, Croatia – History, Views and Great Food


Dubrovnik is a town situated in Croatia, in the Dalmatia region. Dubrovnik has an old city, which is a world heritage site. Dubrovnik is a very popular city for cruise ships, so I would advise visiting the city off-peak. We visited in Mid-April, so the weather was pleasant (around 18-23 degrees C). I would suggest late May or early June if you are a sun-seeker.

We travelled with our friend and stayed in a two-bedroom apartment that we found on booking.com. The apartment was usually around £80 a night but we found a great deal, as it was off season, and we paid around £200 for the week, so around £50 each. Another reason to visit before peak-season. Our apartment was at the top of the hill, just up from the old city. 

If you are not a great walker, you need to stay as close to the old city as you can. The hills in Dubrovnik are huge. There are lots of alley ways leading down towards the old city and the town, so its easy to get to, but it’s all steps. The steps are made from stone and sometimes have a shiny surface, making it quite slippery so make sure you take shoes with good grip!

There’s plenty to do in Dubrovnik. I would recommend doing the walls tour. There’s a huge medieval wall that surrounds the Old City and for around $20 euros, you can walk around the walls. It took us around 3 hours to walk around, but we stopped and took photos and admired the views, so if you’re limited on time, you can get around a little quicker. Likewise, if you prefer to take your time, you could make a day of it. There are some little shops and food/drink places around half way round too. Another great vantage point is the Fort of St Lawrence, which is just outside of the Old City. You have to pay to get it, but it’s discounted if you do the walls tour too, so remember to take your ticket 😊

I would also recommend eating within the Old City. There are some great restaurants. I’m not a seafood eater, but my friends and partner are, and they had some amazing seafood platters and fish dishes. We found a little restaurant called Lady Pee-Pee, which it at the highest point within the Old City. It’s a barbeque style restaurant, but we really liked it.

Dubrovnik is famously used as a set for the TV series of Game of Thrones. There are many parts of the city that are used for the set of King’s Landing. There is a Game of Thrones walking tour that you can do, but we decided to google the famous spots and do a sort of DIY tour

Another attraction is the cable car, which takes you up to the top of the hill. The views are amazing and if you are into your museums, there is an old war bunker, which was used in the 1990’s. You can look around the bunker and they have also put up some exhibitions where you can learn about the conflict between the Yugoslavia’s Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA) and the Republic of Croatia in 1991. Dubrovnik was attacked by the JNA I believe because there was a claim that Dubrovnik belonged to Serbia (please don’t quote me on this, I’m writing from memory). The conflict lasted about 6-7 months and the number of civilian casualties was around 115. During the conflict, the old city was hit by heavy artillery any many of the buildings were damaged or destroyed.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Please let me know if you have any suggestions on where I should visit next.

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