My plan for a European Road Trip

So I had some spare time this afternoon and I found myself designing a road trip around Europe.

There are a couple of places that are on my Bucket List and so I designed my trip around that. This trip will start in England and ends in Italy. Countries included: England, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Italy.

I used Route Perfect to work out the best route. Here is the itinerary:

1. Dover, England (0 nights) This is where you can catch the Ferry/Channel Tunnel Train to France if you wanted to drive your own car. If you wanted to rent a car, I’d suggest flying to France and hiring a car from Paris, otherwise you’re just adding on extra time. 
2. Paris, France (2 nights) I was tempted to add another French town here.
3. Freiburg, Germany (1 night)
4. Rothenburg, Germany (1 night)
5. Prague, Czech Republic (2 nights)
6. Vienna, Austria (2 nights)
7. Salzburg, Austria (1 night)
8. Fussen, Germany (1 night)
9. Venice, Italy (1 night)
10. Florence, Italy (2 nights)
11. Rome, Italy (2 nights)

Although I would prefer to pick my own hotels using sites like Trvago and, for a quick price check, I used Route perfect and selected the option for Mid-range hotels. The Total price: £1314.18 GBP based on 2 adults sharing 1 room.This was for accommodation including taxes, based on travelling in June 2018. The luxury hotel package was a massive £4055.53 GBP whereas the price for the economy package was £1006.53 GBP, but like I said, I think if you were to shop around and book hotels individually, I think you’d get a better price and there’s the possibility of seeing a ‘Luxury hotel’ at an absolute steal of a price. 

Route perfect is also great for telling you how long (roughly) the drive would be between each of your destinations: 


Happy Travels,




3 thoughts on “My plan for a European Road Trip

    1. Hello, It really depends on how much you want to spend. I’d estimate that hotels would cost about £1,500, flights around £150 (shop on sky scanner for a good deal) and then add on petrol/fuel (depends on your car and how many travellers there are) + food. I would say it would probably cost in the region on £2,250. This is for a 2 week trip. If you wanted to decrease the price and length, I’d suggest cutting down to 1 night in Paris, Czech, Florence and Rome. You could also make the trip longer by adding nights in the cities listed or you could add to the route and visit some other cities. Switzerland would be a good shout.

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