Who Am I Really? – My Social Media Personality

Who Am I?

Like so many other bloggers, vloggers and users of social media, I choose to only post about parts of my life that I want to share. Many of you reading my blog might assume from my social media personality that I am a traveller, that I go away for months at a time or that I go on several holidays a year, but the reality of it is that I don’t.

Travelling is something that I really do enjoy and if I had the choice, sure, I’d go away more often, or for longer periods of time, or to more extravagant locations. But the reality is that I, like so many others, have to have a permanent, full time job so that I can pay my mortgage and bills. Perhaps, in hindsight, I’m a little too young to have a mortgage, but I love our little house. Perhaps if I lived in a big city, I’d have a better job and more money, but hey! I’m happy!

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you should not take everything you see on social media to be the whole truth. That couple that you see on Instagram, who are always smiling and looking so in love – They argue too. That girl who has a perfect complexion and amazing body – she just has good make up and a Photoshop skills. I am just a normal person, with a normal job, filled with wanderlust and wanting to share my experiences and ideas with you. 

Happy Travels,





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