Horseshoe Bend, Colorado River – Arizona, USA

1937480_10204420977461752_859852890369943267_n 2

Horseshoe bend is a meander in the Colorado River, located in Arizona, USA. Horseshoe Bend is a popular tourist spot. I visited Horseshoe bend in August 2014, before my visit to Lake Powell, AZ. Once you’ve parked up, its a round a 1 mile hike to get to it. It’s an easy hike and is mostly sand. 


So, whats so great about it? Well, the sheer drop of course! The river is about 1,000 ft below, so if you’re afraid of heights, this one’s not for you! In the image below, you can see a white spec on the river below…That’s a boat! 

10521755_10204420978701783_6377015435242738870_n 2


The colours are amazing! The blues and greens of the river contrast beautifully with reds, pinks and oranges of the rock.

10689964_10204420979861812_3604952848500593173_n (2)10455059_10204420978461777_6106536443161369029_n 210458866_10204420980061817_359897988081525109_n 2

Happy travels,




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