Zion National Park – Weeping Rock, Oasis Pools and Taranchulas! (Utah,USA)


We camped in a campground, which was a short 5 minute walk from the entrance to the park. At the entrance there is a visitor centre and some restrooms. I would highly advise that you pick up a map – Zion is huge! One of the great things about Zion NP is the free shuttle service that they run.

One of the things that we were warned of during our visit was the diversity of the weather. During the summer, temperatures can soar up to 40 degrees C however, there is also an increased risk of flash floods during the summer, therefore you must pay attention to the weather and be prepared for all types of weather. Take a fold away raincoat, wear sensible shoes and wear sunblock!


Altogether, we spent one afternoon and one full day in the Park. On the first day we wanted to do a shorter walk due to time restraints. We decided to visit Weeping Rock which is a short (but quite steep) walk. The walk is around 0.5 miles and takes about half an hour. The views are lovely! See my photos below.




At the entrance to the hike we found a fallen tree, which clearly meant a photo opportunity.


On the second day, some of our group opted to do a trail called Angels Landing which is classified as a strenuous walk and takes around 4 hours. I’m a bit of a wimp if I’m honest and I didn’t trust myself  on small ledges with massive drops (I’m not an experienced hiker) so I opted for some safer trails. We did the Lower Emerald Pool (Easy – 1 hour), Upper Emerald Pool (Moderate – 1 hour) and the Kayenta (Moderate – 1 hour) trials. 


We were lucky enough to see a wild tarantula on our visit. It was amazing! 

10603498_10204420937140744_2781615301084050612_n 2

Zion is absolutely beautiful and there are trials for all abilities! 

Happy travels,



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