Foamhenge, Virginia – Possibly the weirdest attraction I visited in the USA


So what exactly is Foamhenge??

Well, Foamhenge is a roadside attraction near Natural Bridge, Virginia. Constructed entirely from Styrofoam, Foamhenge is an artists replication of the famous UK landmark – Stonehenge (see what they did there!). Foamhenge is rumoured to have ‘appeared’ out of nowhere and April Fools Day. The attraction was created in 2004 by the owner of a local art studio – Mark Cline. 


I visited in 2014, and as you can see, there’s lots of wear and tear and it could do with a lick of paint, but I imagine it looked a lot better in 2004. 


So, I’m not exactly sure what the purpose behind the artwork is, but I am guessing that the Artists had been studying Stonehenge and wanted to demonstrate their ideas on how Stonehenge was constructed. 

So here’s theory 1:10592619_10204421374431676_824278981053371853_n10365715_10204421376151719_5518756443153400742_n

And theory 2:10406915_10204421375111693_1492974486657410998_n10406830_10204421375071692_4582178095848511875_n

So what do you think? I’m a strong Theory 1 supporter. If the Ancient Egyptians could construct several pyramids, dragging a few rocks and putting them in a circle is possible…right?!

Happy travels,


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